Advisory Services

In-house Academies

The in-house academies of Bucerius offer law firm professionals a structured educational program. From needs analysis and curriculum design to the organization, implementation and evaluation of the educational offer: Bucerius is a one-stop-shop provider of customized in-house programs aimed to enhance the capacity of professionals to offer targeted client consulting.

The modular program encompasses four areas of competence of lawyers (legal expertise, business skills, management and leadership skills and professional skills) and is adapted to participants’ years of professional experience.

Human Resource Development

Our Scope of Services

Design and Curriculum:
Determination of continuing education needs and development of a customized curriculum.

Location Management:
Search, selection and reservation of suitable venues.

Participant Management:
Administration of participants’ course registrations and course changes and recordkeeping of individual student files.

Event Management:
Integration of internal faculty and coordination of organizational requirements.

Debriefing and Certificates:

Evaluation of all events, optimization of the program and issuing of certificates.


Dr. Patrick Schroer
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