Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

Legal Management & Leadership

The work and research of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession (Bucerius CLP) revolves around the management and leadership of commercial law firms and legal departments. The Center believes that the success of any legal practice is predicated on, aside legal competence, a firm’s management and leadership capabilities.

Bucerius CLP conducts research at the interface of business and economic studies, organizational psychology and jurisprudence to expound  on the following topics that are relevant for practice:

  • Management and leadership in commercial law firms and legal departments of large corporations,
  • Developments in the legal market with consideration of the regulatory environment
  • Corporate governance and law.
  • Business development, client prospecting and firm marketing are also topics of interest , as part of the focus on management and leadership.

With reference to examples from real firms, Bucerius CLP identifies the following sub-topics:

  • The market of the client
  • The firm in its market: transmission of integrated knowledge of the legal market with a focus on the German market
  • Which path leads to which goal? Strategy models for law firms
  • The set-up of organizational structures: balancing partnership-based self-determination with management
  • Developing one’s own business: identification of markets as well as development and expansion of client relationships
  • Achieving and distributing profit: different models for making and distributing profit
  • The partner as entrepreneur: ways to achieve a balance between partners , superiors and lawyers
  • Developing together and implementing together: transmitting  leadership competencies,  developing and executing strategies , successfully leading staff and teams


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