Information on Procedures

(as in November 2016)

General Remarks For us, ensuring data protection – the protection of your individual rights – is an important matter. You can be sure that we will act responsibly with your data. In accordance with section § 4g, paragraph 2, sentence 2 of German Data Protection Law »Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)«, the appointee for data protection, upon request, will make the details stipulated in section § 4e, sentence 1, nos. 1 to 8 of BDSG available to everyone, in an appropriate way. We address this obligation directly in the form of a public list of procedures.

1. Name of the Body Responsible
Bucerius Education GmbH

2. Direction/Management
Dr. Patrick Schroer, Maike Lütkens

3. Address of the Body Responsible:
Bucerius Education GmbH
Jungiusstraße 6
D 20355 - Hamburg

4. Function and Purpose of the Data Collection, Processing or Utilization
Bucerius Education GmbH is a provider of offers in the sphere of further education (presence seminars / e-learning). Data acquisition, processing and utilization is undertaken for the above-mentioned purposes.

5. Description of the Groups of Persons Affected and of the Data and Data Categories
Data of customers, employees and suppliers, to the extent that such data is required for fulfilment of the purposes referred to under 4.

6. Recipients or Categories of Recipients Possibly Provided with the Data:
• public bodies, where priority legal provisions apply,
• external agents in accordance with section § 11 of BDSG,
• external bodies and group member companies for fulfilment of the purposes referred to under 4.

7. Standard Periods for Deletion of the Data
The deletion of the data takes place after expiry of the statutory, corporate or contractually agreed safekeeping periods. Data not affected by this is erased when the purposes referred to under 4 no longer apply.

8. Planned Data Transfer to Third Countries
No transfer to third countries is planned.

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