Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

The future of the legal market

Knowledge of the legal industry and of management and leadership strategies of law firms and legal departments is still incomplete in German-speaking countries. To fill this knowledge gap, the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession (Bucerius CLP) develops multidisciplinary expertise and transmits management and leadership skills for lawyers.

The Center produces analyses on issues concerning the management and leadership of commercial law firms and legal departments and conducts research on the development of the legal industry and its regulatory environment. The results and lessons learned are scientifically founded, ready for immediate implementation in practice, and feed into the continuing education and consulting projects of Bucerius Executive Education.

A bridge to the world

Bucerius CLP is founded on the realization that a good lawyer can only be a good consultant when she  complements her sound and in-depth legal background with multidisciplinary knowledge. Under the umbrella of Bucerius Law School, Bucerius CLP operates at the interface of law, economics and management in the areas of Training & Education, Conference & Network and Advisory Services.

Expertise of researchers and practitioners

The work of Bucerius CLP is supported by researchers and practitioners from the Executive Faculty and by the members of the advisory board, who contribute their broad expertise to the different programs and projects.

Bucerius CLP Framework

Focus areas of Bucerius CLP

  • Legal Management & Leadership
  • Legal Tech & Innovation
  • Human Resources


Objectives and quality standard

Bucerius CLP sees itself as a first point of contact for commercial law firms and legal departments in matters concerning the legal industry, legal trends and innovations well as management and leadership.

Bucerius CLP is driven by the ambition to:

  • guide legal professionals in becoming successful lawyers who can combine entrepreneurial thinking with ethical integrity,
  • promote responsible conduct among law firms and legal departments,
  • establish an understanding of success that is based not only on numbers but also on other factors such as innovation and leadership,
  • orient itself closely to reality of the everyday working environment so as to be able to transmit sound knowledge that can be readily put into practice.


Dr. Patrick Schroer
Tel.: +49(0)40 30706-107